DAY 110: sharing true love- projectstyle

Love is a many splendored thing- Love lifts us up where we belong- All you need is love 
The guy who finally got the girl after having to fight for her- the truly romantic way- sang these words in one of my alltime favorite movies. About love. And loving. About how sweet love can be, and how hurtful (...) Nobody loves like the actors love and the way that they do it makes it really hard to know if our love out here in the real world is really good enough to count. Is it?  Is what I´m feeling for my love just as lovely as what an actress would feel? Could my love life make it to the movies, and if not- is my love life then spectacular enough to be named true love? What is true love- truly- and what are the ingredients needed to bake the sweet cupcake everybody craves? ´cause you can´t buy ém- can you? Tree wonderful years have passed since I started playing one of the two main caracters in the lovestory of r&r. And i´m happy to disappoint- the r&r lovestory will not make it to the movies. It´s way to ordinary and safe- and for others-perhaps boring- to ever make it to an audience. And that´s just it.  My love and I, we don´t need an audience. We´ve got eachother and that´s enough.As cliché as that may sound, it´s the truth. I love our dramafree lovelife-  I love feeling safe, and I love that we don´t need the big WOW´s to stay strong. Together. I chose him and he chose me. Back then. And we´re continuing to do that- every day:)  Simple as that. It´s about making a choise. I choose you, and therefor I´m going to treat you with respect- I´m gonna do my best to make you feel loved every day- so that you choose me right back! 
And oh (...) We all present our loved ones as " this is my husband" or "my boyfriend" or " my girlfriend" and why this "my-mine"- business? we don´t own eachother. We´re just borrowing eachothers souls, so we better treat eachother nice. In my mind true love is all about about biulding bridges. Reaching for eachother. -And being there for one another. 

I love you Rafael- every day- always- happy annivarsary:)


  1. Awe! Happy Anniversary!! Love all the pics. Thanks for stopping by Keeping Up With The Rheinlander's and linking up with TFC!

  2. You two are a FANTASTICALLY perfect couple for eachother!I am so happy and thankful that your lives led you to eachother and I'm doubly happy that I get to know both of you and be included in some of the joy you radiate!
    Love loveLOVE!


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