DAY 111: enough

when I first started my newest project- fit for flight & how to loose 6 kilos in 6 weeks- I must have been in a self sentered zone with no room for life itself. And I simply can´t life life that way, living life without being true to my values. So I quit. Project fit for flight is hereby termintaed. Life is back on
no more rules-
I don´t even know what I was thinking, thinking that I could diet and follow so many rules for what to eat and not eat during the day.I´m not made for dieting. And obviously not for walking stairs either (...) working on the forth floor with our wardrobe´s being in the basement just got to be to much of an hassle, so after two weeks of staircase-torture I figured- it´s just not worth it. No more elevaters in the name of fitness I say!  Im done!  
LIFE : Life as I see should not be about constantly denying onself pleasure. Life should be lived fully. There should be joy found in every day, and I am good enough as I am! I don´t need to prove to the world that I can be thinner, fitter, skinnier. I´m good enough as I am. With all my numbers intact :) That being said, and it almost feels strange admitting this- but  I will contine my workout schedule.Not because I have too, but because I find a weird form of happiness in it. I actually like the feeling of really using my body, pushing my limits and feeling free...) So I´ll continue that. For all the rest of the project fit though- I´m done. Enough. No more rules! Break the rules! Cake to the people I say! Cake to the people! Enjoy life, and break the rules for what we can´t or shouldn´t do every now and then. It´s worth it, and it makes life interessting!


  1. Life is about balance - some days are not so good and some days are good. Some days we overeat but we can adjust on another day. Good on you. I don't do diets. I try to adjust what I eat depending on what I have eaten during the day or the day before! Nina

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  3. Hi! I have never done well with extreme diet and exercise changes! I'm a new follower from Fun Tuesday Hop! Please stop by and say hi!


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