DAY 114- the day terror hit Norway
We are so few in this country that every fallen man is either brother or friend - Nordahl Grieg
Norway, At the top of the world. Safe Norway where up until now the the only thing representing scary would be a lost bear or wolf. Or maybe disease in ay given form. We don´t get earthquakes or tsunamis. We don´t get horrible. We´re usually unaware spectators from afar whenever horrific scenes occurs. And they never, never, never ever accor here. In safe old Norway. We´re in shock. We´re a nation in shock and disbelief waking up to the news of 90 dead kids. Is not in us to believe this. We have no reference points. 

Friday afternoon terror hit Norway. Those of us not near a TV turned up the radio with a sense of illusionary disbelief. Downtown Oslo hit by bombs and a man in uniform hunting down and shooting kids at a peaceful AUF (laborparty) meeting...- at an island where the kids had no other route of escaping other than swimming in the cold, cold waters.  And many didn´t make it far.  Eyewitnesses are telling horrible tales of a man continuing to shoot everything that moved in the water as well as on shore. Ripping apart tents, shooting those desperately trying to hide. Behind rocks. Under leaves. covered by corps... praying to get out of the horror alive. Thirteen and fourteen year old kids. KIDS. Who kills kids? Kids who are trying to escape.. unbelievable....Luckily some managed though- To escape. Scared and probably scarred for life. One of them being Prableen Kaur, sharing her thoughs and experiences through this blog. She tells a story so detailed and direct that not being effected is not a choice. Prableen writes in her blog ( mark- freely translated from norwegian)

"..a man came. " I´m from the police", he said. I stayed put. Someone screamed back at him that he had to proove himself. I can´t quite remember what he answered, but the killer then started shooting. He loaded and shot again. He shot the people around me. I stayed put. I thought " it´s over. He is here. He will get me.... now I die". People were screaming. I heard others being shot. Others jumped in the water. I lied there with my cellphone in my hand, on top of another girl. Two others were on top of me. I stayed. Texts kept coming in. My cell rang several times. I stayed put. I played dead. For at least an hour. It was quiet. I tried turning my head to see if I could see anyone alive. I only saw corpses. I saw blood. Fear. I decided to get up. I had been lying on top of a dead girl. With two others on top of me. There must have been a guardian angel watshing over me...I didn´t know if he would come back. I didn´t dare to look at my phone. I ran to the water. Tore my sweater off. It was big. I thought it would be hard to swim in it. I considered leaving my cell behind. I ended up putting it in my pocket and jumped in". (Prableen Kaur),+dead+kids&um=1&hl=no&client=firefox-a&sa=N&rls=org.mozilla:nb-
Kids who made it far enough for the deadly bullets not to hit were being picked up by boats from the local community after they´de been urged to help though social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Updates and messages urging people not to call, but to send help kept coming in as friday afternoon went to night. It was impossible to go to bed. Norwegians of all colors and ethnicities desperately tried and still are trying to help where they can. 
A rush of people to the hospitals willing to give blood. People calling in to radiostations letting the effected know that their hoses are open to them... People sharing their thoughs and prayers on every social community there is trying to signal to those effected that they´re not alone. 

(...) Today is a sad, sad day in Norwegian history. At the same time a day that will be remembered as a day we all stood toghether against terrorism. A day most of us, I guess, in our innocent and naive minds never thought would come to Norway. The day we were to wake up with the knowledge that terror hit us hard.  Too hard. Surrealistic, inhumanly hard. Terror hit us and took away some of our wonderful naive belief in goodness and humanity. But it hasn´t won. Terrorism. We will fight it and those responsible will never ever make us a silent nation. If anything we will only get better and stronger. More outspoken agains values we don´t believe in.. I know I will....As a friend and member of AUF wisely stated on his facebook
"I´ve felt anger, frustration, hopelessness and the urge for revenge.. The young AUF´rs who went out to Utøya went there to fight against the attitude, the intolerance, fundamentalism and racism the perpetrator believed in. I will revenge my friends by being a better man, standing up against such attitudes, in small or large context, and I urge all my friends to do the same" ( Tord Dale, AUF)


  1. Thanks for taking a visit to my blog - I'm following back.

    My heart also hurts for Norway - in so many ways. So tragic and unbelievable. So thankful that you are okay, along with your loved ones...but so sorry to hear about all the other beautiful people lost. Will continue praying for everyone!

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life Life

  2. Thanks for visiting and following, following you back now.

    It's so devastating and sad to hear about what's happening. I can't imagine what it must be like but I pray for all those affected by it.

  3. I am speechless. I heard from someone the culprit was a 'conservative christian'. It sickens me and saddens me beyond belief that someone would do this at all but then to slander christian faith and claim that this is godly. I am scared for the victims in terror attacks and scared for christians on a whole because of evil like this. My prayers go out to everyone hurt by this!

  4. Newest follower from Australia.
    I am so incredibly sorry and heartbroken to hear what has unfolded in Norway. There are no words beautiful or strong enough to say that any other way. As a mother I am horrified at the young innocent lives list. As a human being I am disgusted that someone could/would do this evil, evil act. It is unforgivable.
    My heart and thoughts go out to every family that is suffering a tragic, sad loss xoxo

  5. I am so sorry. I never thought anyone would have to go through something like our 9-11 again, but here it is. I am shocked beyond words. I pray for healing for your country.


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