DAY 116: Norway responds with love

"if one man can show so much hate by himself, think how much love we can show toghether"
Stine Renate Håheim, survivor of the massacre at Ulvøya that tore away 70 somewhat of her friends didn´t know it at the time. Her wise words would come to stand as groundpilars in the very essence of how Norway chose to meet - and will continue to meet terror in the future. Her well spoken words gave meaning and guidance in a time where norwegians searched for answers, and suddenly it was clear to us all. Fight terror with love. Hold hands. Hug. Show love. Not only by parading in the streets with flowers- color the city with flowers of the world -as a symbol of how much we all oppose the hate brought upon us. 
Never ever let terror and fear win. 
Hate can´t win if we love.
On the 25th of July 2011 over a hundred thousand people decorated the streets of Oslo with love.  On the 25th of July 2011 I was truly proud to be norwegian.


  1. Thank you for these touching posts. I'm following from Totally Tuesday and I'm glad I found your blog. May peace and love be with all those hurt , personally or otherwise, by this terrible event.

    Michelle @ Things Sent My Way

  2. Hi, am following you back from the tuesday hop. Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier, and for the love you sent all the way from Norway :)

    I was reading a few of your latest posts, and in light of the recent tragedy that happened there, I felt heartbroken all over again over what happened... It was too evil... to do that to anybody, not to mention to children.

    The message of love was perfect. It is so true. Love, united, can move mountains and eradicate terror.


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