DAY 113: how well do you know yourself?

According to a study made by the the makeup-company Transformulas International (2007) British woman look in the mirror up to 34 times a day, with men following at a stunning 27 times. No reason to think that that only goes for the Brits. How many times a day do you judge your own reflection? 
Have you ever thought about it, how many times a day you actively search for your reflection in anything that has the power of mirroring you? Cause you do. We all do. Sometimes as a brief encounters, other times more thoroughly. Like we could in fact change the apperance of the person looking back at us simply by wishful thinking. But we can´t, can we? It´s just pieces of glass, mirrors-  and still we allow it to hold such power over us. For what? Why? Why is it so important to see ourselfs. To be reflected? (...) It´s not a new thing, this being captured by mirrors. In fact, as far back as men go we´ve got stories of Narcissism; the personality trait of egoism, vanity, conceit and simple selfishness, the term being based upon the ancient Greek myth of Narcissus of Theaspiae.  Maybe we´ve all got a tiny Narcissus´s sitting on our sholders accompanying our conscience- making us look from time to time. In the mirrors. Being taken by what we see . Some more than others. In fact, The actually claimes that the average woman spends a total of 3 years during her lifetime reflecting on her reflction. How healthy is that? (...) We´re all our own worst critics. Each and every one of us. And maybe, just maybe (...) are we forgetting that the reflection we see mirrored back to us does not define who we are as people? And even worse, the reflection we see may not even be correct. Psychologist Jeffrey Wilbert has worked over 20 years with the issues of how our self image is  being determinded by how we see ourselfs in the mirror. Jeffery Wilbert claimes that " a mirror is just a a surface that reflects light. It creates different shaddows and shapes depending on the light. Our eyes captures the shaddows and shapes and sends this as a signal to the brain, where the image is registered and reconstructed, based on the interpretation of our eyes, colored by our emmotions.  In other words- the imression of reflection is not objective. It´s determined by light and lighting, by angle and at last but not least, the way we think of ourselves. Just think about it...
The image we see inside our heads is not the same as the mirror shows us- becayse what we see is just rays of light being interpreted and altered by our own thoughs. There´s a reason why anorexic see fat instead of bones? Why pretty sees ugly and big-small. We just don´t see what´s on the inside, we only see what our eyes seeks. In a way we see how we feel about ourselfs (...)
Now here´s a challenge. Spend one day a
avoiding mirrors off all kinds. Make yourself look the other way, and focus on how you feel instead. Try seeing yourself in the eyes of others instead of worrying about how they see you. I´m up for it, never done this activly before, and  and I hope you feel like trying too! So here we go, a brand new project within the project. 
It´s about time to stop the judging. Start now!


  1. I try and avoid the mirror. :) Honestly, I doubt I look in the mirror 37 times... maybe 3, when I go to the bathroom. ha ha

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  3. Absolutely love this post! It is so true. we spent too much time worry about what we look like instead of remembering who we are on the inside. I am guilty as everyone else for trying to get a glimpse in the mirror. I think i will take on the one day challenge! Thanks for this post!

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  5. Beautiful post ... very deep ... very beautiful writing!!

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  6. I don't like mirrors. I might look in the mirror a few times a day.
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  10. Visiting from Say Hi Sunday. Interesting idea, although I wonder if it wouldn't be more of a challenge to look in the mirror more often and try to see the person inside rather than the reflection. I say this because I also avoid looking at my reflection, only doing so when it is absolutely necessary. Would love to have you stop on by if you get a chance.

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