DAY 118 : knitting life-project style

Who knew that putting wooden sticks against eachother time after time could bring such peace? 
If more people chose to knit instead of playing videogames, then maybe, just maybe, the world would be a more peaceful place. I mean, how much aggression is it possible to build up when your hands are busy touching soft yarn and your mind busy making out patterns? Not possible! I´ve spent a couple of days filling this body, shoes and hat with all my love and good wishes for the future, and I´ve felt so much at peace. Like as a woman I´ve been destined to do this, know this, learn this(....)oh,  I don´t know, I can´t explain it.Just peaceful(...) It´s a very, very, very quiet activity, and even though not as physical as yoga or pilates or anything like that, it stil brings around that same feeling of being in touch with oneself. At least for me it does. And I am so happy I took the time to follow through with my goal to learn how to knit patterns in 2011. And it´s not at all as hard as you would think, knitting(...) How I learned? Well, I spent time with women around me. Learned the way they probably learned, a way that I think many young women are forgetting about today with all of the technology surrounding us. I sat down with other women and they showed me how to. Through explayning and knitting along on their own projects. And then we had coffee, and then wine. Great conversations while knitting away. It´s peaceful, and wonderful, and I strongly reccomend it. All you need is someone to teach you if you don´t allready know how to, some yarn, knitting needles and a good portion of patience.
I´m gona spend more time knitting in the years to come. If you want to as well, I´de be happy to teach:) Just give me a note and I´ll figure out how:)


  1. It's so beautiful sweetie! I can't wait to take you up on your teaching offer either. Something tells me that in the not so distant future we will have lots of cozy knitting evenings to look forward to:-) :-) :-)

  2. Nydelig arbeid :) jeg har denne bodyen til min datter også!

    ang. spm på kommentar: Jeg bruker Canon 5D mark II, med 85mm eller 50mm på.
    Jeg bruker aldri blitz, og veldig sjeldent reflektor ;)


  3. Interessante refleksjoner, Renate. Har aldri tenkt slik før, men dette er det mye hold i. Å strikke og skape er også en positiv kraft, bruk av god energi. Mye sosialt rundt det, osv - og, ikke minst, at hendene brukes til et fredelig arbeid.
    Til lykke med enda ett oppnådd mål. Du er god! Jeg heier på deg videre framover. <3


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