DAY 123: time to change

I´m never gona be a dieter. That being said, I´m in the mood for change. Change that I can live with- over time- change that I can make my normal

So. I made up my mind. Not because I am not happy being me, but because I know I would be happier me if I felt healthier. And to tell the truth, I know I would be healthier 10 kilos easier. Not that it´s about numbers (..)and for those of you that follow and know me, I really don´t like it to be about numbers(...) but honestly, my numbers are up high at the moment, and they need to get down. And after trying the ever so known "no effort-diet" with a striking" no win" result, I figured it is time. It has actually come to it. I need to have a plan and to make it a priority for it to happen, and so my love- being a chef and all- you´re hereby informed- I will not be eating your delicious food for a while. I will not, because I just made a promise to myself

I AM GOING LOWCARB It´s been on my mind for quite some time. I´ve heard such wonderful things- and (...) It´s time. Time to go green. To go low carb - hard core-  and make it my life. Kind off. I don´t want it to be my life, but for it to really stick, I will for 2 weeks and talk you all through it.  I consider it to be quite a challange to be honest because I really, really, really looooooooove everything that has carbs in it, but then again- I also love not feeling overwhelmed (literally speaking) everytime I look in the mirror, and alltough I´m not a dieter- I will be very strict with my eating for a while comming. No excuses, no shortcuts- this is my life, and I choose how to feel in it. I will be planning out meals and sticking to my plan. Lowcarbs is so on. Starting tomorrow- can´t wait:)

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  1. go girl!!! jag går på lchf - beste jeg gjort i mitt liv! Blir ikke kjempesulten lenger, alltid passe mett. Små tips: køp en juliennskreller. Da kan du bruke den på gulrøtter, agurk eller hva du ønsker og ha som "spagetti". Iteden for potatis: riv squach, blande med litt egg, stek i ovnen. Bruk tynne squashskiver som lasangeplater =)


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