DAy 129: The truth

Can be hard to face sometimes. Still, stick to it- even when it makes you want to run away. Stay and face the truth, Grow stronger and play fair. Speak the truth especially when you think lying would make life easier. Lying never makes life easier -in the long run, it´s only an easy fix- that´s it. Be true to the ones around you and to yourself. Be yourself and be real.
Speak the truth even if it makes you shiver. You may never get a second chanse to do right. So do right the first time and live with the knowledge that you did good allthough fearing the consequences. Truth doesn´t always lead to a standing ovation, but dearing to speak it will always- without a doubt make you stronger- in the long run.It may hurt, but hurt passes. Lies are forever and can never be untold. 
(...) Speak the truth when those around you and unwritten rules of society wants to keep you quiet. Speak up. Be real.
I  wish I more guts. I wish I was braver. I wish I had it in me to to speak up about things I know off, but can´t speak off. I don´t lie, but I´m not exactly telling the truth either.(...) Because isn´t is so that concealing the truth about something is the same as lying if everybody thinks that things are different than they really are?-- This is just me, trying to brave up- I may never be abl to walk as I talk, but I´m trying...


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  2. If more people would speak up and tell the truth, our world would be a much better place. We are so lucky to live in a time and country where women have a voice. So many women before us fought hard for us to have it so it's our responsibility to all those strong women to "use it".

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  4. I wish I were braver too. Being truthful is difficult. Thanks for reminding us of its importance.

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