DAY 131: shit happens- in all religions

so I stated that I would be a healthy non carb-eater (....) I thoroughly stated that food would be my religion and that I would be a firm- good-little-girl- believer. Well, I still stick to it. I´m still a believer, and a follower, and a non-carb´er. But, and there´s a big, big but. SHIT HAPPENS..

Being sick- for instance. Being bedridden with THE WORST FLU EVER, a really mad throat infection, fever, cough and diarrhea must- for Gods sake- be a valid reason for loosening up the self-made rules. At least for a couple of days, right! Who could guess- anyways- that throat lozenges are loaded with carbs?  and I mean- you´ve got to- got to- got- to have ice cream when you´re sick and your throat feels like (...) i don´t even know the words for what it feels like.. I swear to God-  I never should have gotten the swine flu vaccine last year (...) I blame it all on the vaccine. Stupid vaccine.Stupid, stupid, stupid vaccine.- Ok, I blame myself a little bit as well, believing the norwegian government when they said that being a nurse and all, I should really get it. So I got it. Got sick with the actual swineflue- and ever since- man(!) my immune system has been down and out. Stupid norwegian government. Stupid vaccine. Stupid, stupid media making us all so afraid. And stupid, stupid me- believing it all (...) Aaaaaaaaaaaany old how( though) - I now know that those pastills I´ve been suckin´on- giving me sweet, sweet relief-  is really bad for my carb-situation- (...) I also know promised myself that I would not be fanatic about my newfound religion (...) So you know... I´m gonna stick to my "shit happens" - eat my pastilles - and be OK with it! 


  1. stakar!!! Det er lov å skli ut når man er syk ass! Så lenge man vet hva man driver med! Og husk at du kan spise fet is =) ikke lightversjonen!


  2. Okay, don't know what the person above me said but you know what,that is okay. Sometimes we obsess about the dumb things. So what if they say good things or bad things about me or anything that I like? As long as I don't know it, it does not hurt me. So, I have taken the plunge and have started following bloggers from other countries even though some of the things I will never understand but the ones you put in English are there for me and so that makes me happy that I am being included! Thank you for doing that. I am a new follower of your blog thru GFC from the blog hop on Friday (I am late)and would love a follow back when you get to feeling better. I have flu shots every year and I did get the swine one too and did not get sick. I even have a compromised immune system because I take RA infusions once a month that act like chemo, they destroy your immune system so I have to be careful. The RA doctor said I needed to take those shots to keep from getting sicker. With my immune system compromised if I catch one of those bad flu's she said it could be fatal. So, it has been 3 years now and I still take my shots every year. Maybe you got ahold of a bad batch? I hope you feel better soon!


  3. all religion is crap..

    harry potter is god..

    harry potter is true god...


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