DAY 133: la familia es de lo más importante

Money doesn´t matter. The size of your car or home or hairstyle doesn´t matter either. How you look, what language you talk or what you do for a living is without the importance that we tend to give it. When it comes to family you´re loved no matter what. That´s important knowledge.
I think I´ve always known in my heart and soul that family is the most important thing. Then again, being in Sevilla for a week with both mine and my boyfriends family- my knowledge of the importance has not only become visible, it´s touchable in a way I  never expected it to be. Maybe because of the language barrier, or maybe not, but not being able to exchange experiences through talking has made my now extended family dependent on body language to communicate. And it´s been beautiful (!) I have to admit- I truly dreaded the language thing to be quite honest. Dreaded it and foresaw minutes of awkwardness being followed by a very polite attitude from both families in the spirit of of handling the situation. But I was wrong. I could´t have been more wrong(!) I underestimated the power of family and what it actually takes to weave the threads that will keep us together and make us strong. It´s not language. The most important ingredient is something else. (...)A love for those around you so strong that you would do anything to make them happy perhaps...To see the love that my parents have for me and Rafael, and the same with his family, to see how hard they have all tried to make the best of everything has made me speechless. In awe. And very, very grateful.

la familia es de lo más importante. Family is the most important thing. And like with any other truth- we sometimes need to be reminded of it to really- really see it. So I´m here to remind you. 
Do make a call today. Do tell someone that they are loved. It doesn´t even matter if they´re your blood relatives or not. Call up someone you consider to be family- and tell them that you do. I promise you will get a grand big smile in return. Family is the most important thing. In the world

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  1. Such a great post, sweetheart. And it's even better knowing that I have such great friends like you that become family over the years :) I'm sooooooo happy to hear that you are enjoying yourself in Spain. Can't wait to hear all about it when you return. SMOOOOOCHES!


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