DAY 135: wonderful moments in Sevilla

Sitting here, in what appears to become yet another warm Sevillian night (!) makes me realize- I´m in love with this adorable city. I´m in love with the spanish people, the food, the music, the sun....

12 days. Such a short visit this time. We go every year to visit my mans family and normally we´re here for at least 3 full weeks, but this time, interrupting with Leos school and all, we could only affort to take him out of first grade for 10 days- 12 days in total with the weekend and all(...) Leo is having a great time, my man has the familiar " I´m home" shining stars where his pupils usually are, and for me- I´m just loving the sun..The food, the music, the siestas.... The spanish way of life! There really is something about the spanish way of life, the speed of it. Slowly, but yet so, so vital. A bit hard for us norwegians to get used too, but then again- they did well- all of our co-travelers this year; my wonderful mom, my delightful dad, lovely moms friend Vera and her always smiling hubby Torbjørn. The ever so happy company of 7 left a week ago, and it´s been a bless´ having them all. That being said, being here in Sevilla has been a new experience this time, more touristy in a way- and it´s been good. Seeing the cathedral again, learning more about this wonderful city. It´s a grand city, and I strongly recommend everybody to pay it a visit. If for nothing else, to see the special type of flamenco- Sevillana. Ahhh.. what a rhythm, what a feel- for life. Right down the alley of my project actually. And closing my eyes while listening to the clapping accompanying the words being sung in a language so sensual- really- truly made me feel alive. And that´s what it´s about right (..) while the sent of Jazmin teases my widened senses. How I love this city
I am loving that my man is Sevillian. That he also has a great big spanish family kind of actually borders to being a cliché actually. And I´m loving it. The big meals, the quick talking, the hugs, the laughs, the yelling, the... everything:) Kind of reminds me of my north-norwegian family, maybe that´s why I feel so at home.In honor of project life-here´s some Sevillian moments for you:) Living life fully- in the warm Sevillian sun

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