DAY 141: hearting autumn

Autumn has has arrived. And I´m loving it!
There´s something special about this time of year- autumn, fall, the end of summers colorful laughter. This brief period of time that will be gone in the blink of an eye,so precious, so wonderful. There´s in truth something quiet and fragile about autumn, something so delicate, yet so violent and unpredictable at the same time. The days are shorter - they´re darker - and unlike summer, they hold no expectations of perfection. Unlike summer, autumn leaves no dreams and hopes shattered and broken - because it never promised sunshine and laughter. Autumn gives, it takes. In it´s own time. There´s no controlling autumn, you got to live it, breath the colors while they´re there, take it all in when you´ve got the chance. Because if you turn around, the magic may be gone, autumn may have taken it back.
Autumn is for living life fully. A reminder that nothing lasts forever. Maybe that´s why the nights are so crisp and the stars so bright.
I truly love the way that autumn carries a silence that slowly breaths of creativity. I love how it just is. And how it encourages new thoughts and the urge to act upon them.

hearting autumn step-by-step  Step one: get outside and enjoy! pick branches and make sure that there´s no leaves left on them Step two: Devide the branches into two piles.  Step three: bend the tops of each pile so that it creates half circles. Use thin wire to make it stick Step four: put the two piles together and use wire to make them stick Step five: shape and wrap the heart in wire. Add more branches if you feel like it. Decoreate with what you´ve got - and there you go- you´ve hearted autumn! Put it on the wall and you´ve got a piece of autumn with you all year - a heart to remind you of the importance of living  in the moment!

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