DAY 148: stay strong

Should have, could have, would have... Why is it so easy to regret not fighting once you´ve bent over and avoided a fight?I don´t really know when it happened. When I lost my power, my belief in standing up for what´s right even if it´s an unpopular road to walk down. I don´t know. But I know that loosing my directon meant loosing myself- sort-off. and I´m done. I will fight back from now on. I will speak up even if it makes me shiver. I will get tougher. It´s easy to be liked. It´s harder to truly be respected. I will be tough and honest and from now on. I finally found my way back. I will walk it.
That´s my Novembers promise. I will fight. No more nice girl. I´m done

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