DAY 152: The actual 11th of the 11th in the 11th at 11

do you believe in the magic of numbers? Well if you do, you´re not alone
There´s been a lot of talk about todays date in the news lately. 11.11.11. Like it is in some way cursed. Good or bad depending on the views and believes of those who speak in the media.
I just think it´s strange. Strangly odd. The whole number thing.
Did you for instance know that most airlines don´t have a number 13 row in their planes and that many, many airports around the world don´t use gate 13. Ever(...)
I didn´t know that. And it amazes me. Really. Are we that taken by numbers? And if so- is there truth to it, a reason to respect or even fear numbers like 13 and  666 while numbers like 3, 7 and 9 supposidly are ment to bring good luck?

How about dates like today then- it being the 11th day of the 11th month in the 11th year of the 2000´s. And what about if I manage to look at my digital clock at exactly 11:11. Will the sun explode, will I vanish into thin air? Well. I didn´t. I didn´t look. Not because I was afraid to, nor because I didn´t want to, I just simply forgot. While writing this article the  possibly magical moment came and went just like that. Nothing changed. Am I surprised? Not at all. Dissepointed? Maybe a little. It would have been cool if something happened, I guess. Or maybe not. I don´t know.

I find it strange. The effect numbers have on our thoughts. How we´re tought that some are bad for us while others good. All depending on our upbringing and cultural belonging.  And then again -how the good or the bad can get totally confused and mean the opposite at times too. How the mythical unlucky 13 (for example) can be your most postitive and lucky number ever- if it means the missing number in a row of every number right in the lottery. Or maybe (!) that´s just bad luck confused as good luck? There´s just no way of telling- because it all truly depend on what you believe.

Is there actually such a thing as a special number or is it so that we decide to give some numbers meaning because they represent something special for us?

11.11.11. A lot of people supposedly think that the world will go under today. Others don´t.  It didn´t go under in the 10th of the 10th of 2010 and I don´t think it will now either. And if it does, I truly don´t think it has to do with numbers.  Or maybe it does? There´s just no way of knowing. And that´s the beauty of it. Not knowing when your number is up so to say. Blabbing away. What do yo think?


  1. Hi Renate :-)

    I am old-fashioned but I am not really that superstitious and don't believe that numbers hold our fate. I don't also believe in luck and I believe instead that what happens to us are really meant to happen. But it's weird that people hold on so much to the belief that numbers would bring them their fortune. Like for instance, a lot of people are actually expecting to get lucky in the lottery today hehe I guess it also depends on what people choose to believe in. :-)

  2. I just came from Stalk Hop Friday. I really enjoyed reading your posts. I'm now following you and look forward to continue reading your inspirational posts.

    Please stop by when you have a chance.


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