DAY 153: an ode to he who shall not be named

In three days it´s been four months. Four months since one deluded man alone proved that terror can indeed hit Norway. One man. Craziness. 
And this is it.  For me. This is it. I hereby refuse to read more about him. To speak his name, to see his face. This is it. And I will do something I rarely do. I will swear and curse his name.- Fuck his tiny mind. I refuse to let him have more of mine.
Lilly Allen. For some reason you song " Fuck you"  just says it all. And for some reason it´s become the soundtrack to whatever space " he who shall not be named" is given on the radio, or on tv or in the news or whatever- and I´m thankful for it. Instead of letting his face, name and views slowly be stored in my head, I sing your thoughts " ...´cause we hate hate what you do, and we hate your whole crew, please don´t stay in touch...-no one want´s your opinion..." "fuck you"

Here´s my medicine for those of you who are just as sick and tired as I am . Sick of reading about him. About what he did. Don´t let him win. Forget his name. Let him speak to deaf ears, or at least to ears being occupied by  cheerful tunes with a powerful underline sung by Miss Allen.
Learn Lilly by heart and put her on repeat. Roses can take you far. There was a time for roses. I liked the roses. And the holding hands and sticking together approach. There´s also a time to turn away. To swear and just simply say "fuck you". To make it clear that enough is enough,
Enough is enough. This is it. For me

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  1. SÅ enig! Jeg ELSKER den låta og teksten og blir faktisk aldri lei av den. :D


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