DaY 156: my inner melody

Felix from Rafael Moreno on Vimeo.

I keep searching for it, this song; wanting to loose myself in while closing my eyes. At times. Like it sometimes just becomes my inner melody... your thoughts on life.  It has just come to stand for me as one of those know. one of those that you return too. I find true comfort in your wise words Felix,  and accompanied by your soothing chords my heart rate always slows down. I don´t know if you know what kind of a gift you are to the world, but man- keep giving. Keep writing and sharing. Keep singing. Keep making music.
Always fan:) R

oh- wane hear more? check him out at Spotify ( Fake sunrise) - or here.

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  1. I just wanted to tell you I love your blog, it's so inspirational. It's nice to read something other than blogs beauty blogs once in a while.

    Keep up the good work :)



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