day 157: sharing

Some say that you should be very, very careful about what you post on the internet. That you should never ever let it get personal. I beg to  differ. 

A while back a colleague of mine answered when asked about one of my posts that she thought that it was maybe a bit to out there. To honest. To private. And it got me into thinking. 
Is it so? 
And if it is, is that a bad thing? 

After thinking about this for quite some time, after weighing the pros and cons and reading an endless list of other blogs, I´ve actually come to the conclusion that I like the up and personal approach of things. I like what I read to be sincere, honest and last, but least, true. I like my thoughts to be challenged and for me, that usually happens through others thoughts when they are made understandable or put into a setting that makes me think.
I guess i´ve actually learned from following facebook and twitter and youtube and ... I don´t know..being on the internet in general(...) People aren´t really that different. Our thoughts and fears, what makes us tick- it truly doesn´t differ that much. Come to think of it, that´s off corse what makes bestsellers sell.  Why we all "like" iphones on facebook, and why pizza is a hit. We know that our feelings doesn´t differ that much from everybody elses, but at the same time- for some strange reason - we all tend to think that our feelings are unike. That they´re soo special. 

I don´t think they are. My thoughts. Special. Private at times, yes, but special? No. 
And I think that it´s a good thing that they´re not. It only shows me that I´m human. I think therefore I am. Kind off. I share. My thoughts. I try to challenge my thoughts, make sense of them, kind off- through my blog. And if my making sense of helps others make sense- well, then I guess it´s a good thing, sharing. 

I guess for the same reason that millions of people "like" Forrest Gump they "dislike" the actions that made 14 year old Jonah Mowry cry on open camera.  In a video that managed to touch millions of people worldwide after his youtubeupload went viral. And it´s a simple recipe for success really. He stays honest. He carries his feelings on the the outside, and he dears to talk about what others try to hide. He helps others make sense of senseless. He challenges the way we think. 
There´s no" not feeling" for this wonderful teenager, no "not being touched by" Jonahs story. Rumors actually have it that his daring to share his story helped making bullying a hot subject again, and thereby indeed saved lifes of other bullied teenagers. 

If what you post is honest and thought through, if you can stand for what you say -  your voice deserves to be heard. That´s my honest opinion. And I guess I´m not the only one feeling that way...

Go ahead, I dear you to watch Jonahs story today. I also do dare you make a comment. Take a stand. Let´s see if we feel the same. My guess is we all do.
Thank you for sharing Jonah- you´re a hero!


  1. Hi again, I think you maybe would lke to join here?

  2. This is so gutwrenching,sweetie, but absolutely an important reminder to all of us to accept ourselves, love ourselves, love eachother, and share that love with anyone willing to listen.
    thanks for sharing.

  3. Takk for dette fra en som har stanset bloggen midlertidig etter å ha skrevet en 4- 5 innlegg jeg ikke har turt poste! Og til den kollegaen din, det er rart at det er så mange i helsevesenet som er så redde for å gi av seg selv? Er det ikke nettopp det som gjør at vi kan hjelpe? Fordi ved siden av kunnskap og erfaring på faglig plan, så er vi alle mennesker, herregud så mye det gir å lese at andre er i samme situasjon som en selv, eller ikke - men at man kan få en forståelse av å være nettopp der! For all del - ikke slutt med det!

  4. kjære Kristin! Jeg håper du åpner bloggen igjen! Stå på. Det er ikke så farlig som en tror å tørre å si det en mener. Noen vil alltid være uenige, men er en på lag med seg selv, så går det meste bra. Start bloggen igjen og send meg en link. Mvh Renate


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