DAY 162: who said Notting Hill didn´t have it all?

it was a busy day. A busy, busy, busy day. Notting Hill, Portobello Marked- on a Saturday. So full of people and smells, sounds and things that there was really no turning back once you´ve hit the road.  Never been? Well- it´s an experience! In my opinion- one of the good ones.

I loved it. I truly just fell in love with the craziness of it all. The way you could hear salesmen shouting out their offers. Women from the street-bakery yelling at customers that they had to wait their turn and the way all the sounds just melted together in sort of a mixture of busy city sounds that made me feel right at home. Right that instance. You know the way some feel at peace in the forest? Well, Notting Hill became my forest that Saturday morning. And the crowds became my trees. Just like that. I closed my eyes and while pretending that the people who continuously kept bumping into me were actually the wind, I found peace. True peace. In the middle of Portobello Marked. I fell in love. With the business of London. 

Did you know that when a lot of people, strangers, meet- we all kind of give out a certain smell? We do, it´s not a joke. Some smell wonderful, others weird, but together it makes up a wonderful sensation of live, kind off... In a way. And you mix this "all-kinds-of-people-who-stand-to-close-to-you-smell" with the smells of muffins and hotdogs and Chinese food and coffee...well. In my opinion you get the smell of vitality. And to me, that is truly amazingly wonderful! ...Not to mention the touching of the different textures in the marked. Ahhh! Freshly coloured real leather, wool jackets, old records and books. Old toys, clothes from the 50´s. Plastic. steel, silver and even gold. Everything feels different if you actually take the time to take it all in. So to say. For instance-did you ever think about the fact that the taste of German sausages in England has a special ring to it. And that feeling the milk on your upper lip from a perfectly made cappuchino is pure heaven? ... I promise you, Portobello Marked has it all.

In the name of awareness. Of living strong and taking life in- making it real- I strongly recommend a visit to Portobello Marked- London. It may in fact be the best street I´ve ever walked down. Ever. Go ahead. Do go! You will not regret the trip. It´s a trip! The best one ever.

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