day 163: humming like a hummingbird

In the middle of Portebello Road-Notting Hills, lies a tiny bakery filled with colors and love. 
Walking into it feels a little bit like walking into heaven. So pure, so lovely and so wonderful that it actually makes you dream of vanilla filled roses. Like if you were a hummingbird.

It´s no secret. Baking has once again risen to the place it never should have left- the hearts and thoughts of woman and men(!) of all ages. It seems for years now, that baking- that the glory of homemade wonders have had to give way for diets off all kinds, but finally- we´ve all woken up. 
Like sleeping beauties on a mission women ( and men!) have finally understood it. There´s true happiness to be found in the act of actually creating something tasteful. Something that melts on your tongue like ice on a summers day. Something that smells so sweet and looks so charmingly delightful that there´s really nothing else to do than smile. 

If the Hummingbird bakery indeed had a theme song I´de be one to hum it while baking! 
The Fru is now a proud owner of her very own Humminbird recipe book- bought at her favorite bakery of all times. Just to let you all know! There will be cakes!


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