DAY 165: Vive La France

Vive la Paris. Long live france, long live Paris! We´re going, and I can´t wait

It´s a strange thing, this following your dreams project of mine. It truly makes me smile all the time, and it makes me enjoy life more. Come to think of it, I actually think it makes me a happier person. And all of that just because I set goals and try to reach them. I share my dreams, and every now and then the love of my life, my wonderful, wonderful boyfriend picks up on it too(!)  and do, oh do guess what this happy trooper girly girl got for christmas this year? A perfume, a book about Paris and a great big card with tickets  saying that "we´re going!" Vive la Paris. Vive Amor

The amazing movie "Le fabulex destin d ´Amélie Poulain"  was translated into "The amazing Amely from Montmartre" in Norwegian, and so I guess it was all filmed here. In charming Montmartre. In fact, any given street with a watch hanging from a lamppost is worth a visit if you ask me:)
We´ll definitely have to check out the organic foods marked on a sunday at Boulevard Raspall. And of course check out a show at Moulin Rouge.
Someone once told me that you see the Eiffel Tower if you walk the stairs up to to the tower of Notre Dame, that it is truly one of the best ways to take in the view of paris actually. So I guess we will! I´ve always had a thing for churches, and this, all the history connected to it(..) can´t wait
Overlooking the whole city, I think this would be a great place to visit. Climbing all the stairs and kissing in the sunset! Great ha?! Love, love, love that my darling boyfriend got us this trip
 people say it is one of the best places to stay if you´re a couple! To really get romace, history, great food and love in the air! So to say! The´ve got pools, and tennis, and flowers and ohhh! pleaaaaase Rafael, my prince charming- let´s go!
allright, I know it´s kind off creepy, but I´de really like to see the catacombs of Paris..And although I kind of get the  fact that it makes me a bit strange.. well, I don´t know...but there´s something inside me that sais that there has to be something said about so many souls in one place..Magical in a way, like if there´s ever a place to see if there´s truly life after it should be here ..right..So I want to go!

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