DAY 159: when London calls..

you answer! In every way, the city is truly amazingly fantastic. Wane do some living? Pay London a visit

It is too easy to forget that the world is just around the corner when everyday life controls the threads that keeps it all together. Too easy to forget that there is actually more to living than thinking about how you need to get from A to B before C happens and D calls. It is simply too easy. To forget life (...) That life is happening- always- all the time. That there is so, so, so much life to live-  so much to see, experience and enjoy. Like making that trip to London that you always wanted to. To actually experience Picadelly Circus on a friday night  and shop at the ever so crowded Portobello marked on a Saturday. To visit the famous Hummingbird bakery and taking it all in- the smells, the people, the business of it all while finally getting to taste their wouldknown cupcakes.
It is so, so easy to forget that every moment not well spent is a moment lost. Kind off.

<<When I first started this blog I wanted it to be a reminder of life and how to life it as fully as I can. I started a list showing the world- not to mention- myself -my fears and how they are constantly stopping me, holding me back. And I started a wish list.  For things I want to experience in life- things to reach out for- and hope for. The blog has really become my venting space, and I absolutely love the way it has become my biggest helper in making sense if things. London was on the list- and I can´t wait to cross it off as done!>>

The world is just around the corner, wrapped in the colors of something else. Something new, something exciting. Something that may just change the way you view the world and life itself.  
I recommend a trip to London. To everyone. The colors, the people, the atmosphere. 
Simply lovely.


  1. Ohhhh, I love seeing these pictures of you two. I'm so happy this was a perfect weekend. You both deserve every minute of joy and love nd "piccadilly this" and "nottingham that" that you both can handle. SMASK!!! Love you guys :)

  2. Så bra at dere koser dere:-) Klem Stine

  3. Beautiful pictures! I love that you got to do what's on your wish list.


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