DAY 171: the road to happiness

- hard to notice between well walked paths of easy solutions and the urge for constant fun. 

Fun. Everything needs to include fun in todays society it seems. It needs to be fun. Otherwise it´s not worth doing. If it´s not fun, It can´t be good, right. Or wrong? Can it actually be that we´re all wrong?
Who said that working out needs to be fun? I for once do not find it fun. At all. Right now. Right now it´s simply a job that needs doing. Like saving money. I love spending, not saving. I don´t find saving money especially fun, or cleaning our house every day. But it needs cleaning, it needs doing. Even though it´s not exactly fun. It needs doing. And I´m doing it. Working out, saving money and cleaning my house. I´m sticking to my 90 days project like a bee on a mission. Although not fun, I´m sticking to it. And I actually think this sticking-to-it-business is working for me. YEAH!

It´s hard work. Walking down the long and winding road. The road to happiness. I´m not sure I´ve found it, the real road and maybe it´s even so that there´s more than one, but this one- it actually feels good. That somewhere down this 90 days road of mine lies happiness. And if for nothing else, happiness for seeing something through,
I can do it. You can do it.
happiness lies ahead. I´m sure of it.

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