DAY 172: loving the utopia

of street art. And there´s no stop to it either. Just love. And creativity. All over. Open your eyes, and pay this site a visit from time to time.
It´s about catching life right. Moments in life worth capturing. Like life itself.I´m sooo in love with this site that there´s was no way I couldn´t share this. Wow. I love being wowed! Go ahead. Be amazed! And smile. Or cry. Or (...)just feel. Something.


  1. wauw! Fantastic pictures - many I haven´t seen befor. Thanks for sharing and for making the world a bigger place :-)


    1. I knooooowww! I just keep looking at them! Time after time... street art is so my kind of art:)

      and dear tina:) Thank you so much for your lovely comment) warms my heart!


  2. Fantastiske bilder :) Og for noen fantastiske artister :)

    Du, det kommer snart en award til deg ;)


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