DAY 175: the grand project- working out

I'm doing it. I´m sticking to it. And for some reason- although tougher than I thought it would be.. One month into it, I can honestly see my project bearing fruit.

-90 days. For ninety days I will commit myself into working out and getting stronger I told myself. Smiling.
It all started like an idea, like so many others I´ve had since I started the blog, but then again. I really felt it in my bones that this was something I really, really needed to see through. This project. I was determined at the time, thirty five days ago. If felt right. And it still does- a month into the project. It was simply just time, I guess. To get up, get out, get moving. I´m not a dieter. Never been, never will be. I just don´t believe in depriving myself from the joys of life. So I honestly needed to get a grip- because this not believing in diets and really believing in tasting life was starting to show on places where I really didn´t want it to show. And sorry to say, there´s truly truth to the whole saying of " one minute in the mouth, ten years on the butt".
So I needed to get a grip, and I grabbed the thought of it and started.
-I can do it, I told myself. Thirty five days ago. And I did.  Even on days where I really didn´t want to do it I did it. And while being busy doing it a new idea started taking shape in my mind. The idea of this project being great even though painful at times. I started becoming almost addicted to my daily yoga practise, and like that- yoga and working out had truly become a cherished part of my day-to-day life. Just like that. After a month. A moth is all it really took to get there. Into the world of those who live life different from those who like to sit still. I´m now a worker-outer and it feels.. different, Great. Wonderful actually. Just like that I crossed over. And looking back, I can only ask myself- why not sooner

My body is changing. My mind too. Like there´s a invisible thread holding the two together. I guess there is. Even if we don´t think of it all to often. My body is shaping up, getting stronger and my mind is more focused. My focus is to be a better me. Become the person I´ve imagined I would be as a grown up. Feel pretty, feel strong and grounded. Look strong and grounded. Be a good role model for those younger than me.

In the beginning my project had a number on it. Kind off. It was about loosing kilos and while loosing, gaining happiness. I´ve learned after a moth, I´ve become smarter as my project has shapen up.  I´ve learned that the numbers looking back to me from the scale doesn´t mean anything. In fact they only represent lies made up by society about what beauty should look like. Like if beauty had a number. Think about it, have you ever heard about a celebrities weight? Sure you´ve heard of celebritys loosing and gaining, you´ve seen the pictures, but not their number. Have you?
And did you know that two people can actually have the same weight and height, but look totally different and have very different percentages of body fat?

Weight is individual. My weight is a result of skin, hormons, feelings, fat, bones, muscles,  fluids, blod and water. And it differs. From day to day. In fact. The way I see my weight differs even more. Like if who I greet in the mirror every morning is a product of yesterdays news so to say. Like society in a way puts up the rules and lines for what beauty should look.. on so many levels. Happiness can´t be measured in kilos. Or pounds. Or numbers at all. Only in smiles and good thoughts.

Ready. Steady. I feel stronger than I´ve done in years, and happier. - I can do it. I can do anything!
So can you! If you make up your mind! Make up your mind! It´s a great experience


  1. You go! I love hearing about positive people doing good things!

  2. Great post and it is very important too. I have thyroid disease and my weight fluctuates so much. Drives me insane. Your quote is true!
    Thanks for linking up with Favorite Thing Friday. Now following via GFC.


  3. Keep it up! :) I love the close to daily work outs I am doing, and you are right. It is about how you feel not the numbers! :D

  4. Thank you for the follow and the lovely comment. Following you back. Classy blog you have here. Amazing pictures.

  5. Se her du.... ;)

    Dette kan bli interessant :)

    1. thank you søte du:) Takker også for awarden du gav meg, hadde engang i tiden et sånt takkeskilt for awarder oppe, og prøver å følge en sti som handler egentlig bare om prosjektet, så takker og bukker og synes det er kjempehyggelig at du tenkte på meg, men legger den ikke ut. Håper det er i orden. Skal sjekke ut Trine, gleder meg:) Håper du har en hyggelig søndag.

      mvh renate

  6. Hi - I'm your newest follower, glad I found you. I will be checking back and I love this post - I need to make a priority of finding time to do what I should as far as taking care of my body and health for the sake of my own emotional well-being.



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