DAY 180: the day of a thousand kind words

A new project within the project. Today, starting right now is going to be all about positivity. 
I  want to check it out. That if only kind and positive words leave my mouth for one whole day, will it in fact change anything? Will my day be better?  and will my attempt to do good change anything for those whose path I cross? Do stay tuned- it will be a fun day!

I will great everyone I meet with a smile today. A smile and friendly nod. And then, no matter if I like the ones I meet or not ( to remind you I do work as a nurse in a hospital!) - I will at least give everyone I meet one good compliment. And not just that, I won´t say good things just to act good, I will concentrate and truly mean what I say. No cheating allowed. No shortcuts will be taken!

I know this day will be a great day! I can feel the good vibes creeping up as I´m getting ready to hit the gym. Wane copy?! Do go ahead! Lets make the world a better place!

Here are the rules- They´re easy, so no worries!

Great everyone you pass with a smile and a friendly hello for one whole day
Only utter kind, positive words to those around you
Think of at least one good compliment for those who cross your path and share them outloud

haha! what a day! To be continued....


  1. How did you go? :) Felt better at the end of the day? :)

  2. :) I did. Allthough it felt kind of strange too, ´cause nothing really happenened. I will try again later with a different pull on it:) :)just one of those things I wanted to check out:)


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