day 184: 30 days -projectstyle

a while back I started what soon were to become my biggest take-on so far. A 90 days project where working out, eating healthy and saving money would be in focus. A great way to get through the sad and dark months of winter I thought. And it truly was. 

It´s been 60 days since I started. And it´s amazing. I did it. So far,  It hasn´t just been easy, this newest project of mine-  I will not lie. But, and there´s quite a big but in there. I´ve seen it through! There´s been mistakes and days where I had to give in for the darker forces in me that just wouldn´t play along, them rather wanting to sit down and just relax life for a while. There´s been days where I´ve spent more money then I should have. Day´s filled with chocolate in the name of "I truly deserve it". Oh,yes. And there´s been days where I wanted to quit the project and just say fuck it. I make up the rules. And that´s just it. If it didn´t feel so bad cheating I probably would have, but I couldn´t.  I made up the rules. And I needed to see it through. I still need to see it through! So I will. Got 30 day´s left! Of this one! After, there´ll be more to come!

Why projects?
I think having projects are healthy. Especially projects that make you think about your habits in life. Are they good habits? Are there better ways? For instance. I´ve never been one to diet, I can´t diet. I love food and eating too much. But. I also love life and living it not being too heavy. Like everyone else I have a ideal-weight, and mine is not set by society, but by myself. Not so much the number of kilos my soul carries around, but how my body feels, and how I feel living in it. My latest project was created from me wanting to become healthy again after quitting smoking a year ago. Quitting smoking made me  give myself way to many treats for doing just that. Because I was a good girl. I thought at the time. Moving from smokers valley and straight into the the forest of hidden calories. And they tasted yummy- all of them! It´s a wonderful place to visit, but for me no permanent address.
I´m free of the spell. I found my way.

I truly recommend living life project style!
A project at the time makes your senses sharp and strengthens your self-discipline. Setting goals for yourself and what you want to accomplish within a certain timeframe builds self confidence and makes you believe you can.  A project isn´t for life. You can change it, build on it and reach your goals! And! Reaching goals makes you realize, you can do whatever you put your mind into! So I recommend it! Living life projectstyle. If I can, you can. And it´s great!

How to projectalize your project  - good advices
A good friend of mine tipped me about Jerry Seinfeld´s productivity secret yesterday. I´m a huge fan of Mr. Seinfeld and whatever made the funniest man alive productive and succeed in life is obviously a good recipe for how to do it!  Reading his post made me realize that his way of staying producive and reaching goals is truly genius. It´s not new, I´ve done it many times, but still- make lists people! Write it down, what you want to have done, your goals. And then- and here it is! The genius of it all! Stick to it! Don´t break the chain! Write down goals for each and every day, big or small in your calendar, and then, once accomplished- make a big cross across it! That way you see what you´ve done, and somehow that seems to work for people- me included. I never do a project without it!
Don´t break the chain! Simple as that! and good luck to ya! Become a projecter! it´s great! I´m charing for you! Do let me know how it works out!:)


  1. Hi Renate, thanks for coming over and sharing with me about Norway's health system. I never knew that and so interesting to find out more about our countries.

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