DAY 189: 20 minutes a day- checking it out- Seinfeld style

I think I found the cure. For headaches, for sore shoulders, tired feet and restless nights. I think I´m truly on to it, and I will check it out- prove my way. Seinfeld style.

20 minutes of workout. Every day, year round. Could this be all it takes? To stay in shape, body and soul?
I think so. Maybe. It took me a while getting here, figuring it out, but thinking back- taking a better look at what actually worked out for  the last couple of months doing workouts project style, it finally hit me. Twenty minutes a day. That´s the recipe. That´s all it takes. For sticking to my plan even when time is short. There´s always twenty-something to spear. And to prove it, I´m gonna let myself go ahead and be inspired by the man over all men. Mr. Seinfeld himself. The guru over all gurus- especially when it comes to sticking to it.

I read somewhere that how Mr. Seinfeld keeps busy and productive is simple, but genius. He keeps track. The easiest way ever. He makes a mark in his calendar whenever he stays true to his plan. After some days this marking each day makes a chain of marked days, and hereof the simplicity goes- don´t break the chain! Ever! And you won´t ever break the chain! I wont! I ´ll start. And I won´t break it. At least for 20 days. Then I´ll check back in to report! 20 minutes for 20 days. Easy or difficult to handle?
Keep tuned! This will be fun- and oh oh! - do feel invited to join in:) I´ve heard that this don´t break the chain business is transformable to any kind of business. So do try and do share:)

Ready...set... let´s GO!

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