DAY 194: playing for change

Imagine... there's no countries.It isn't hard to do. 
Nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too... Imagine... all the people living life in peace..

Totally, Totally and utterly in love with this song. Always have. Always will. The lyrics, the tunes and the message it sends to the world. Just imagine. And now, wow. I have to give it to them. This group. Stumbled across them online. Just like that. And... I´m in love. Playing for change. Wonderful. Marvellous. Fantastic. They do make a difference.  And I´ll replay, I´ll share their amazing take on famous well known songs, just as I´ll share their take on song´s I haven´t heard before. I´m in love! I´m stunned. I´m wowed! I´ll definitely go all youtube on my blog and share their effort to make the world a better place! How can I not?! They do make the world a better place. They really do.
Read up on it! - Connecting the world through music. Loving it!
Totally and utterly!

I think I actually have to put a new goal up there on my wish list. I think I really must! I have to to see them live. To participate. In some way. To do something. To help change the world.  Oh My. I´m in love!!!

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