DAY 196: into the dark

sometimes you simply have to pick the hard way. So to say. If you´re ever gonna get stronger.
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It all of a sudden hit me. The other night.
Driving home in the special kind of darkness that only the darkest nights of fall can create. Right before getting to the possible exit from main road...It hit me... I never pick the shortcut through the dark forest whenever it´s not dazzled with daylight. And I know it´s shorter. The short cut. It truly is. And even though. The longer road lit up by streetlights always win the competition.  And why..I don´t know.
It´s stupid.
The short cut-  It´s shorter. It would save me a good five minutes. It would totally save me gas. And it would save the environment.
The thought of my trusty car breaking down in the middle of the grim dark night sticks to the idea of picking the shorter way like ice cream to a baby.
No matter how much I try to separate them, it´s like there´s no way.  Before I even get to the possible exit from main road, I´ve already created so many possible outcomes from this scenario that five more minutes in the car seems like a joyride.
Somehow all the bad ( or good if you like ) horror movies I´ve ever seen groups up for a major party in my head, automatically bringing out all bad creatures of the night, Michael Jackson style.
And It needs to stop. Right now. This stupid, it needs to stop.
I need to grow up. 
I can´t keep taking the easy way out. It doesn´t make me strong...
So here it goes

Every time I have the chance to, from now on- I will force myself to pick the darkness.
I will drive my car through it. Stop the car and feel the darkness creeping up on me. Around my car. I´ll turn off the lights, put the flash on and shoot photographs of my ITSF (in-traumatic.stress-face ).
how about that ha?! and I´ll stay there until there´s nothing left to be afraid of.

I´m not afraid of the dark.
I´m afraid of what may be in it.
Probably nothing in it.
So here it goes

I´m gonna pick the hard way. So to say. Project style. And it´s gonna make me stronger.
Do join! maybe we end up scaring each other in the dark. 


  1. Ugh I am still not a fan of the dark (pure darkness). I need light haha. I still get freaked out by graveyards, like if a zombie were to suddenly appear. >.< It takes guts to do what you are going to do (and I love the photo you used for this post!!)

    (P.S. I just found your blog on the blog hop and am now following!! :D)

    1. Hi there Ashesela:) I know! not a fan either, and that´s just why! I need too do it,´s so silly, right:) I´ll be by to visit soon, R

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