DAY 200: project simplify it-

again truly inspired by the wonderful Siri and her blog about living simple I have to admit. My life is cluttered. And it´s time to do some cleaning

- We have to much stuff.  It hit me just the other day while mentally starting the process of again packing up our lives, getting ready to move. Back to the city, to a way smaller place than what we have now. -The math just doesn´t add up,  she told him. And he agreed. We´re so not gonna be able to bring everything. So.  What to leave behind?  What do we truly need to be happy?
Not much. The realisation of this is strange. Freeing in a way. Not much. We don´t need much to be happy. Special items that holds special meaning, yes, they get to go on this journey with us. The rest? Well, we´ll see. Maybe, just maybe.. could it be that  cluttered lives gives cluttered minds?

The need to continually getting more of everything eats its way right into the very essence of who we are and how we feel. Doesn´t it?  Like a decease really, we´re all infected.
Instead of working with what we have we all search for new and better,  more interesting. More in the moment. But. New also gets old. Pretty quick. And the process starts again. And again. And again,

Project simplify it. Simplify your live. Declutter your life. It starts now.
I haven´t quite decided what do do about x-mas yet, but if I make it through the first 30 days, well then- my loves- I guess there will be a shout out. Be aware of only home made necessary gifts this year. How about cuties?
Anyways. For the first 30´s- here are the rules of engagement. Do join and do share!
In true Siri-style- let´s make an effort to enlighten the world and make it a better place:)

1: only get what you truly need.
2: think re-use and re-design
3: take well care of what you´ve got
4: eat leftovers
5: be aware. The craving for most of the things you think you need is placed in you by commercials. You didn´t even think you needed it before someone flashed it in front of you. Rethink your needs.

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  1. Flott at jeg kan inspiriere, da ! Lykke til med ryddinga;) Hilsen Siri


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