DAY 205: out of the dark

sometimes you simply have to pick the hard way. So to say. If you´re ever gonna get stronger. 
I did. I conquered one of my most unnecessary fears.

A while back I decided to take on a project that I was quite honestly not very eager to do. It involved being alone in the dark on a hidden shortcut through the forest, only surrounded by what normally is my very safe car. Alone in the dark, no radio reception. Only me, my phone, my car and the ghosts. In my mind mostly. The ghosts. All though, I´m sure I saw a few... out there.. It didn´t stop me.
I stopped the car. Turned off the lights. And I sat. For what felt like forever. Took a picture to prove it, and sat there some more, convinced that if I looked at the photograph all sorts of creatures would magically appear on it. So I didn´t look. While in the forest. I just sat there. Alone in the dark. Again and again. Until one day, the forest didn´t bother me that much anymore. Still not the biggest fan of being alone- in the dark- on forgotten shortcuts, but it doesn´t stop me anymore. I do in fact now pick the shorter way, convincing myself that it´s good practise for other obstacles in life

what do you recon? afraid of the dark..I´ve got the recipe for getting rid of it!

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