day 217: it´s a brand new year

2013. Let´s make it a year full of possibilities, new chances, new goals and raised standards.Let´s to better. Together.

A while back I was asked by a facebook friend if I wanted to be a part of this kinda "pay-it-forward" group. I denied. Not because I don´t believe in it, I do. But it just came across as phony to me, where you would have to point out certain people that you were to do good to. And they would then have to point out others, and so on. I just didn´t fall for it. It might absolutely work, but I didn´t feel the drive in it, the urge to do good.
I wane do good.
But not like that.
Like this-
I will make 2013 the year of good deeds. I will dedicate myself to once a month-every month- go out of my way to do something good for somebody else. Every moth something new. And it has to be something grand. Something that actually matters. We´ll see. It´s a work in progress!
I believe in people. I believe that people who unexpectedly experience good will do good to others.. It´s a win win. Can´t loose. I´m sure of it!

Possibilities. They come around every day, all the time. They´re nothing magical really, but maybe it is actually so that you can train your ability to see them. I will try. I will make 2013 the year that I train my eyes, ears, heart and soul to search for possibilities. I will be better at spotting them, and I will actively force myself to grab them, act upon them. Wonderful things may come of it, right?! I will be tougher, rougher and more true to the person that I want to be! Free from fear, strong, positive, great!
It´s a win win. Can´t loose. I´m sure of it!

I´m ready. For a new beginning so to say. I believe in new beginning, in starting over. Something fresh and promising about it. 2013 will be a year in the name of new chances, new goals and raised standards. I started searching for the real me in 2012, and all though my search has made me more true to myself and the one that I want to be, there´s still much I can do to do better,  I will raise my standards in 2013 by actively trying to live by the list of  "RAISING THE STANDARDS". If you wane join, you´re more than welcome to!
It´s a win win. Can´t loose. I´m sure of it!

Do good. Be nice. Speak the truth, even if it makes you shiver. 
Don´t talk behind anybodies back if it´s not in good words.  
Dear to speak up, to stand up for what you believe it´s right. If you believe in it strong enough, fight for it. Don´t let people tell you that you can´t. 
Be better at forgiving and understanding. People act bad, probably as result of their issues, not yours. Stay true, stay honest. Make it clear to those who do you wrong that it is not OK, by letting them know that they hurt you you also give them a chance to say sorry.
Don´t think the worst. Look for good outcomes, not bad.
Don´t spend money you don´t need to spend. Save up for a good times!
Work out, eat healthy and stay true to your goals.Believe in your body´s ability to do be great
Don´t be jealous. Trust.
Monsters will come around.  When they come- Ignore them. Kill them with kindness.


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