DAY 219: Thea and the wild; increasing quality of life

Sometimes there´s just no turning back. Like when you find great music, you can´t just go ahead and unfind it.  Problem is : you want more. Suddenly you want more. 

Music beholds the power of magic. It can be quietly dazzled upon you like indivisible snowflakes, making nothing of itself. Or, it can act as the topping on your ice cream on a perfect day. It can indeed cover an otherwise blue sky with dark clouds, or pad your back while you softly cry. Music can be violent, happy, sad, funny, loud, whispering, rhythmical, slow, pounding, softly rubbed against your thoughts, great or bad, It´s always there, if you listen.

I sat down. And I listened. Today.  Been meaning to do it for a while actually. All the way since I found out that the blond and beautiful that sells you drinks and paella at Mathallen in Oslo does more than just serve.  She sings. In fact, she creates fabulous, greatly accompanied by the rest of the wild.
I sat down. And I listened.
To the lyrics. To the tunes. To her voice. - Cry sometimes, she sings. And I want to.  - I´ll hold your hand, she says and all though not here, I´m sure she would if she was.
There´s something so rarely found about this one. Something genuine. She´s real, in a real way.  And I believe in her words. I believe in her music.. It makes me want to dance, or maybe more- ...walk. While thinking. I love music that makes me think, and even more... I love music that makes me want to take a walk-  just so that it can become the soundtrack of my life for a minute.

Thea, I want more. Your music - it is magic. It is wonderful. It´s something new.
Now, quit fuzzing around at Mathallen. Get producing!
Can´t wait :)

wana check her out? you´ll find more here, or read more at her homepage.

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