day 222: when life gets in the way of life

it´s about time to do a check up

I forgot for a while. My unwritten, yet somehow written down promises to be all I can be. My goals to do it all, feel it all, taste it all. What life has to offer. I forgot.
I got so so wrapped up in everyday life-drama that I simply didin´t feel that I had the time and energy to remember. I guess. And it bugs me that it is so easy for life to get in the way of living it. Fully aware of it´s value.
It needs to change. I need to change, Again. So I will.

Time to make a change
The grand project. Living life. Once again time to to it blog style I guess. So here´s to me blogging it. The list. The check -up- list. Pushing limits and facing fears. It´s on!

1: Don´t wait around for people to join, if you feel strongly about it, do it anyway
2: Don´t be afraid not to be liked. Speak the truth even if it makes you shiver
3: Relationship-wise ; don't settle for less
4: Believe that you can make a difference
5: Taste something new, if not every day, at least often enough that you remember the feeling
6: Face your fears. List- style. Don´t slumber. Don´t cheat.
7: Follow your dreams and they will come true. Remind yourself every day
8: Enjoy simplicity
9: make a schedule and stick to it
10: be a better friend, make the time

"If you wanna make the world a better place Take a look at yourself and then make that change"
Mr. J. you said it. I will follow. 

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