DAY 233: times they are a changin

Life isn´t constant. Nothing in life is.
Although you may think that you´re standing still, life is constantly changing. Challenging us, making us stronger and better and ..wiser, I presume. In a way. Maybe prepping us so that we are all able to grasp what life has in stored next. There´s no telling what´s instored next. And that.. that´s kinda the  the beauty of it, isn´t it?
Life isn´t constant. Nothing in life is.
You may think so.
At times.
But times they are ...a changin´
Nobody knows what´s up next in the jolly amusement park that life represent. Is it the tea-cup ride..Slowly going ´round and ´round while you enjoy. Or the rollercoaster, scaring you a bit, twisting things upside-down?  Is it the easy going pony riding or the watery waterslide. House of horrors.. or simply.. just sweets and candy eating. Nobody knows. Where you go next may depend on so many things, like.. where does your significant other go, what ride are they destant to take. Will you follow or go on a private ride.  Maybe, just maybe you need  a slow ride, to gather your thoughts and decide on your path. Don´t just follow. Do it. If you need to. Chose that ride. Take and think.
I took that ride. A while back. And it made me sick. Around and around it went. I chose a path I´ve never been down. Not like this. I thought I knew the steps, but I really didn´t. But it made me think, thoroughly, and as I went off it, my mind was cleansed, clear.
I´m ready now, life.
Come get me.

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