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I did it. I changed. I´m back. 

Change. Life doesn´t kid around, does it. Ever.
It really makes sure that somehow, somewhere between our natural progression of age and the creation of new habits and thoughts, we change. Sometimes into something better, other times, just into different. We feel that we´re changing when change is created by big events, but for the little changes, maybe not so much.
He is a strange, strange creature Mr. Change. Working in somewhat mysterious ways, I guess, discussing deals and outcomes with his best buddy Mr. Long Daddy Green. You know him too?
You know, the guy that hangs around the rainbows end, dealing out dreams from a pot full of fortune and fame..
I heard him calling my name.

Rambling on.
Change. Although painful at times, change always without doubt have something good in it.  It can be hard , almost impossible to spot the upcoming greatness  through the foggy mist that change sometimes creates, but when the fog finally vanish, we see the world with different eyes. Kind off a cliché, but a good one.

I´m back. More me,  and more true to myself than I´ve been in years. The fog has wandered off, bugging someone else, and I´m here. Whole. I´m here. My life changed, it needed to change, and it did. Although now alone, the company of who I used to be is so present in my life at this moment, that it somehow takes away all fear of loneliness. I thought I would feel lonely, I truly did think so as my life was changing, but then it occurred. I changed. And my thoughts and patterns too.
To think that I dreaded this for so, so, so long. knowing in my heart of hearts that I needed to go. So I went, finally. Taking with me the knowledge to act rather than think about it. In the future.

it´s all happening!
Stay tuned:)

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