about the project

the idea...
For one year I will dedicate myself to making every day count. Every day I will try to do something I`ve never done before, push my limits, taste something new...or do something different. I will face my fears one by one- and every day I will try just a little bit harder to be to be the best version I can be of myself. My goal is to make every day for one year memorable in its own way. Every day may not be grand, but hopefully by the end of my project, I will have made myself more aware of the value of life.

going through with it
is harder than I thought.. My "every-day-style- project-" suddenly became my "-will-think-about-it-but-not-write-about-it-every-day-project" and I´m suprinsingly fine with that projectstyle too. I do dedicate myself. I do try to implement feel-good-vibes in every day, but I have to say, I too get caught up in the act of just living. From time to time. But then again, it´s always there. My big P- Always there allthough not always shared .On a daily basis.
My calender, my way of counting days are fictional. It´s a fictional year folks! That being said, I do keep track of my projectdays and added up I will have shared a years worth of dedication. I will make myself be more aware of the value of life. It will just take a little longer:)

Life is on all the time
keep smiling!