wish it- do it- make it happen

I think it´s important. To dream. To make plans- to wish- and to make your wishes come true. So here you go- This is me. Sharing my wishes and dreams. Through a long list. My very own wish list

I don´t  know why, but lists have always, always, always worked for me when it came to sorting out my thoughts and making  them seem clearer. So why not, I thought to myself when I started the project. Why not visualize my wishes and dreams and make them happen? (...) I just couldn´t come up with a good answer for why not to, so I just went ahead and made one. A list. A short one in the beginning, like putting my wishes out there were scary in a way.. but then it grew. I wanted more, and then more.. and for every place I put up there that I wanted to see, another one soon attracted my attention.For every cake I wanted to bake, two new ones also made it to the list... It´s like.. daring to visualize your dreams makes dreaming easier (...) in a way.. does that at all make sense?

I guess we all dream, and I guess dreams aren´t necessary a constant thing. 
They change with who we are and who we grow into being with time. I know my list have changed. And that´s just tracking it for a year. My dreams have changed. Though some wishes stay constant, most changes priority with time. Some move up on the list, while others down. Nevertheless, they´re all there. Done, or waiting to happen. And I like it. Tracking it. Making my thoughts following my dreams. Making my dreams come true.  So (!) Without further ado - In true bloggerstyle- threaded by my vision of truly living life fully- this is what I dream of doing. With time. This is what I wish for- what I strive for- where I go when life plays up- I really hope I inspired you to make one for yourself- a wish-list!

 Dreaming is important- what would life be if we didn´t?

walk Abbey Road! I truly, really want to walk the walk on abbey Road. And I don´t even really know why this wish made it to the list, but I guess it just became the ultimate London experience for me. So London and Abbey Road it is. And have been for quite some time, so I guess It was about time that we ordered tickets for december:) Ha ha! we´re going, my man and I! In december! Can´t wait! Will write more about it when It happens!

a growing belly: this is a life wish- so to say- of mine. We´re not quite there yet, my love and I, but we´re trying and slowly taking all the steps necessary to take for those who have a harder time getting there.  It´s not easy, having to fight so hard for something that for others come so easy, but we´re fighting to win, and doing all that we can. Giving it all that we can. Small steps. Counting days. Hoping and wishing.
verderns beste: This cake is actually called " the worlds best" or "kvefjordkake" in Norwegian. Now- whether it is actually the best cake in the world, I cant say for sure- but I think it is at least right up there with the best! It´s wonderful it is. And my mom makes the best ever. Because they do vary from family to family. And ours is the best. It soooo is!  Family- recipe- I can´t wait to get to know you,-  I´m in for a good teaching. Mom, I´m really lucky to have you and I´m looking forward to spending some quality time! You and me! Can´t wait! I will learn- make you proud! I will make it for our national day the 17th of May next year- 2012

To believe: that I´m good enough. To raise to be all that I can be. To believe that I can. That I have it in me to be just as good as my expectations. To make my own sense of what is pretty more important than what society claims. To stand up for what is right and to tell the truth, even when it makes my knees shiver.
See SintraI like castles. I like the feeling of reliving old times. And what better way to do that then to see it through the rusty stones of what is said to be the most beautiful castle of Europe?  Sintra- Portugal, half an hour from Lisboa- I promice- we will get to know eachother! In the spring, maybe?! We´ll see. Wane see? See here

be a better friend: it´s important to me. To take care of friendships important to me. To make my friends see that they are the best. To make new memories. To act upon dreams, have late night teas, to be there and to be square. To live and to love. To take the time to make the time to meet up. To be better at understanding that friendships change with life, and to not make such a big deal about everything. Just the things important to make big deals about. I guess. 
Dear to touch a snake. I´m terrified of snakes. To the point where I actually can´t even put a picture up on the list. Makes my tummy turn, and my heart beat faster. Really phobic is what I am. When it comes to snakes. So I need to do something about it. Will visit a reptile park. Soon. Don´t know when, but will. With time. Hold one. Maybe. We´ll see. I´ll try. Facing fears one by one is a dream of mine- goal more than dream, ahh you know! phump- sums it up. This is where I´ll go

Lay down in Liguria: Italy's hidden treasure.. It has it all. The old narrow alleys, the view, the stone bridges, the food, the local cheese. The lack of hotels, something that makes it even more magic. The fact that you can´t get to it by airplane, you have to come by bus from France- Nice - the fact that you´ve got to have a lay over in France- Nice:) Love the idea. Really want to go! And oh, even though it doesn´t say: I do think this would be a summercity- to-visit. So summer! More here

Breath Cuenca: The city that hangs high in the air. Spain, got to love Spain. And this city... ahhh! Lying there between Madrid and Valencia- just waiting to be discovered. I really want to go. And live in a abbey for a night. Or.. and old abbey from somewhere around the fifteenhundreds-something. Seems perfect. And I could practice my espanol with my espanol of a man:) I truly love that he comes from this wonderful contry! Continues HERE

The wedding: Is it so that it´s actually allowed to dream even about that? Being married? To a man I love?
It´s my dream list, and I´ll wish for whatever I want to! Found this great side for inspiration Here. Oh how I love making this list!

knit patterns: Well, for those of you who know me and follow my blog on a regular basis, you will know that I learned it from my wonderful neighbor , Laila. You can read more about how I learned here! It was great, and even though I did learn, there´s still so much learning to do- So I will just keep it here on the list! As a reminder that even when you think you know something, there´s always more to know- more to learn! LIfe is wonderful!

California: for years I´ve been wanting to go back, but due to my new fright of flying( which I´m really trying to get pass) I haven´t. And that´s something that really holds me back...not being able to visit my best friend Monica and her lovely family. She always comes here to visit, and it´s not fair, travel vise, money vise or friendship vise. So I will travel. To her. To California. With my man. I see now that It´s not gonna happen this year, but I will order tickets. For february maybe... We´ll see. It´s a dream for me, something I want to accomplish. Getting over my fright of flying while flying. Maybe that´s the way to go? I want to go!!!!

Finding the right moment: To really be romantic. I dream of making magical moments- taking the time to really make it happen. And I have a plan, just waiting for the seasons to change.It´s strange this romance thing that I have going. I actually thing that spontaneous dancing with my love can be just as grand as anything else, but then again, I´m a hopeless romantic and .. I guess that´s just me. Waiting for just the right moment. in time. To make history